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Introducing the Sector

In accordance with the Capital Market Authority Law No. (13) of 2004, the PCMA carries out monitoring and supervision over the mortgage financing sector, in view of its primary objective of creating an appropriate environment to achieve capital stability and growth in addition to protecting the rights of investors, by preparing the legislative environment regulating the work of the mortgage financing sector, including real estate appraisers, noting that banks dominate the primary market for the mortgage financing sector due to the high liquidity enjoyed by the Palestinian banking sector, which posed a challenge for mortgage financing companies to compete and operate within the direct (primary) market for the mortgage financing sector.


As for the secondary market for the mortgage finance sector, the Palestine Mortgage Finance Corporation is still operating in the market through its financing arm, the Palestine Mortgage Finance Corporation, which had a significant impact on the extension and expansion of the mortgage finance market, due to its major role in refinancing mortgage loan portfolios of banks. However, due to the availability of liquidity in banks, the granting of financing facilities, and the increase of informal activity in the field of real estate financing, this has led to a decline in the activity of the secondary market represented by the Palestine Mortgage Finance Corporation, to refinance mortgage loans. However, given the recent global interest rate hike, and its impact on borrowers in Palestine and on deposits, it is expected that the Company will have an opportunity to return and resume its activity in refinancing loan portfolios to banks.

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