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Vision, Mission and Goals


The Palestine Capital Market Authority is a public institution endowed with legal personality, financial and administrative independence, and legal capacity, based on Article 2 of the Capital Market Authority Law No. 13 of 2004.


The PCMA aims to create a suitable environment to achieve the stability and growth of the capital market through the regulation, development, supervision, and oversight of non-banking financial sector activities (securities, insurance, financial leasing, mortgage financing, as well as Islamic financial products and services). The PCMA also works on regulating financial technology to protect the rights of participants and investors.




An effective supervisory body that works to improve the capital market in Palestine and protect the interests of its dealers.




Regulating, supervising, and controlling the performance of the securities, insurance, mortgage, financial leasing, and factoring sectors in Palestine, and developing them in order to achieve the principles of transparency, justice, and integrity, in accordance with international best practices.



Strategic Objectives:

  1. Promote the use of financial technology in the non-banking financial sector and provide an enabling environment for it.
  2. Promoting Sharia-compliant financing services and instruments.
  3. Sustainability of the financial sectors under the supervision of the PCMA and enhancing their stability.
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