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Introducing the Sector

The PCMA continues to monitor and supervise the financial leasing sector in accordance with the legal system regulating this sector, including Laws, Directives, and Decisions. The PCMA works in a manner that ensures compliance of the entities subject to its control within this scheme. In addition, the PCMA seeks to achieve a balance between the rights and obligations of each of the tenants and landlords, and to encourage the work of these companies within a fair competition environment.


In 2022, the financial leasing sector proved its ability to resist during crisis, and achieved double-digit growth rates after the Covid-19 pandemic, which left an impact over all countries of the world. This sector witnessed a growth in the number of contracts registered with the PCMA during the past years, to reach a record number of 2800 contracts in 2022, with a total investment in financial leasing contracts amounting to US$ 143,141,843 in 2022.

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