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Introducing the Sector

Despite the factors surrounding the local investment environment and the lack of liquidity in the market, the year 2022 witnessed a number of positive signs indicating the ability of the securities sector to continue and grow. During 2022, approximately US$ 473 million was traded, corresponding to an increase of 13% of the trading values in comparison of 2021, thus recording one of the highest annual trading values achieved by the Stock Exchange over the course of thirteen years since 2010. The number of shares traded in this year increased by 21%, reaching approximately 244 million shares, through approximately 35 thousand transactions, an increase of 4% over the number of transactions executed during the previous year 2021 The daily average of trading was about US$ 1.9 Million, distributed over 247 trading sessions, while the market value of the Stock Exchange at the end of 2022 reached the highest number in its history, about US$ 4.9 Billion, corresponding to an increase of 11% compared to 2021.


It should be noted that the noticeable increase in trading volumes, referred to above, came as a result of executing the largest deal in the history of the Palestine Exchange, with a value of approximately US$ 51 million involving Palestine Development and Investment Company.

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