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Capacity Building of the PCMA’s employees

Within the continued efforts of the PCMA in raising the capabilities of its employees, the PCMA’s employees participated in several specialized training courses in the areas of the Capital Market Authority; whereby, the employees of the General Insurance Department participated in two specialized courses that were held remotely, in cooperation with the Financial Services Institute of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, relating to agricultural and micro-insurance, in addition to participating in a training program organized by the Arab Monetary Fund, relating to the control and supervision of the insurance sector, in addition to a training program relative to the reinsurance and its applications.


In the same context, the employees of the General Administration of Securities participated in a set of training programs that were held remotely, organized by the Arab Monetary Fund and the Union of Arab Securities Authorities, relating to infrastructure of financial markets: principles and practices, artificial intelligence in financial institutions, wealth management and investment, and financial derivatives. A group of the management employees of the PCMA also participated in a specialized course relating to capital market operations, which was organized remotely by the Statistical, Economic and Social Research Center for Training for Islamic Countries, in cooperation with the Istanbul Stock Exchange.


Employees of the General Department of Mortgage and Leasing Finance also participated in a specialized remote training program on leasing and its applications in Islamic banking, in addition to a specialized program on financing alternative and renewable energy.


As part of a technical assistance project provided by the German Agency for International Cooperation, the PCMA’s employees participated in specialized training programs relating to digital media diploma organized by the Media Development Center at Birzeit University, in addition to two other specialized courses relative to obtaining the certificate of a certified expert in digital finance, and a certified expert in financial inclusion, as well as specialized training programs in the field of financial technology.



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