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Introducing the Sector

With the beginning of 2021, we witnessed events outside our sphere of influence with severe acceleration, spreading its effects in all directions, and in all aspects of life, including the movement of the economy, which contributed to disturbing the investment mood in our region. However, the Palestinian securities sector was able to pass the year 2021 and recover as much as possible from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, as Al-Quds Index witnessed a significant increase of 29.11% over the closing of the preceding year 2020, an increase of approximately 137 points, to close at 608.45 points. In addition, during 2021, the trading value on the Palestine Exchange amounted to approximately $419 million US Dollars, an increase of 120.25% compared to 2020, accompanied with an increase in the number of traded shares by 132.78%, reaching just over 201 million shares, through 33,531 deals, an increase of 94.46% over the number of deals executed during the year 2020. The daily average of trading amounted to about $1.7 million US Dollars, distributed over 245 trading sessions during the year. The market value of the stock exchange at the end of 2021 amounted to about $4.41 billion US Dollars, a significant increase of 27.86% from 2020, where the value of this rise is estimated at approximately one billion US Dollars, values that the Palestine Exchange has not achieved since 2005.

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