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The Palestine Capital Market Authority held a training workshop in the city of Nablus on Wednesday and Thursday, titled “Financial Press Lab.” This was the fifth edition of the workshop and included the participation of 30 students from various Palestinian universities, representing faculties of media, public relations, and economics. The workshop was funded by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

The first session of this training workshop was opened by Mr. Ayman Al-Sabbah, the Director of the Insurance Directorate at the Palestine Capital Market Authority. He introduced the Palestinian insurance sector, its components, as well as the main opportunities, challenges, and relevant statistics.

In the second session, Mr. Samer Al-Kakhin, Head of the Market Operations Oversight Department at the Securities Directorate of the PCMA, discussed the Palestinian securities sector. He explained the key components and characteristics of this sector, along with highlighting the main opportunities, challenges, and related statistics for the participants.

In the first evening session, the Palestinian mortgage and leasing sector was discussed, whereas Ms. Lina Ghbeish, the Director of the Mortgage and Leasing Directorate at the PCMA, provided detailed insights into this sector in Palestine, including its operations, components, and relevant statistics. She also discussed the challenges facing this sector.

The day’s sessions were concluded by Dr. Bashar Abu Zarour, the Director of the Digital Financial Services and Innovation Directorate at the Palestine Capital Market Authority, who introduced financial technology and financial inclusion in Palestine.

In the first session of the second day, the entrepreneur Sa’ed Karazon discussed entrepreneurship, while the second session, presented by economic journalist Talat ‘Alawi, focused on the fundamentals of economic journalism.

In the third session, journalist Sadiq Abu Zaher discussed social media and its role in financial journalism.

In the concluding session, Kayed Meari, Head of the Public Relations and International Relations Department at the Capital Market Authority emphasized the importance of the specialized financial journalism field and how it can help bridge the employment gap for journalism and media graduates, particularly in financial journalism and public relations within financial institutions. The workshop concluded with the distribution of certificates to the participants.

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