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The Palestine Capital Market Authority (PCMA) has warned the Palestinian public against dealing with electronic platforms or applications, individuals, companies, sponsored advertisements, or promotional campaigns related to dealing with crowdfunding platforms, due to the absence of a legal framework regulating their operations in Palestine.

The PCMA clarified today, Tuesday, that it has not granted any company, individual, or platform a license or a no-objection certificate to engage in such activity. The authority urged the public to exercise extreme caution before dealing with any crowdfunding platforms, and to ensure the existence of a license from the relevant authorities before investing in any project or startup company.

Furthermore, the PCMA reaffirmed its full commitment to protecting investors’ rights and enhancing confidence in non-banking financial sectors under its supervision.

You can refer to the PCMA’s website to check the licensed or granted entities with a no-objection letter by clicking here.

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