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The Palestine Monetary Authority and the Capital Market Authority in Ramallah held the first meeting of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy Working Groups. The meeting was attended by members of these groups, which include approximately 70 representatives from public sector institutions, private sector, civil society organizations, and relevant academic institutions in the field of financial inclusion.

The meeting was opened by the joint Technical Committee for Financial Inclusion, represented by Mr. Eyad Zeitawi, Acting Executive Director of the Financial Stability Group at the Palestine Monetary Authority the Palestine Monetary Authority and Dr. Bashar Abu Zarour, Director of the Digital Financial Services and Innovation Directorate at the Capital Market Authority.

The purpose of the meeting was to launch the work of the three Financial Inclusion Working Groups: ‘Consumer Empowerment,’ ‘Innovative Financial Products,’ and ‘Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Entrepreneurship.’ These groups aim to contribute to the implementation of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy and its defined objectives as outlined in the strategy’s action plan.

During the meeting, a summary of the latest developments in the implementation of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy was presented, along with the key achievements made in the previous period. Discussions also centered around the reassessment of financial inclusion in Palestine and the comprehensive field survey, which is scheduled to be conducted in the current year, 2022.

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