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The Capital Market Authority and the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate launched, on Tuesday, the Financial Press Lab in its third session.

The lab was titled “Financial Leasing and Financial Inclusion in Palestine” and is a partnership between the Capital Market Authority and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation through the Palestinian Ministry of Finance.

Kayed Meari, Head of Public and International Relations at the PCMA, stated that this program is part of financial awareness initiatives aimed at citizens and individuals interacting with the non-banking financial sector. He emphasized the depth of the partnership and collaboration with the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in developing specialized financial journalism in the field of non-banking financial sectors subject to the supervision of the Capital Market Authority.

On his part, Nasser Abu Bakr, the Head of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate, emphasized the importance of strengthening the partnership with the PCMA to develop specialized economic journalism. He also outlined the efforts of the PCMA in this field through the establishment of the network of economic journalists and praised its good work in the development of specialized training programs.

By the same intimation, Taha Ahmad, representing the Ministry of Finance, highlighted the significance of the financial leasing sector in achieving financial inclusion and reaching marginalized groups in Palestine to realize economic development. He complimented the efforts of the PCMA and its effective partnership with the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation through the Ministry of Finance.

Mohammad Musleh, Director of the Economic Cooperation Program at the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, praised the efforts aimed at economic development and finding innovative ways to enhance financial inclusion. He noted that financial inclusion is a priority in the cooperation between the agency and the Palestinian government, represented by the Ministry of Finance, the PCMA, and the Palestine Monetary Authority.

The workshop will continue for two days, with the participation of a group of economic journalists and representatives from the financial leasing companies in Palestine.

The training program addresses the topic of characteristics, opportunities, and challenges of the non-banking financial sector. It is presented by Ayman Al-Sabbah, the Director of Finance and Administrative Affairs Directorate. Lina Ghbeish, the Director of the Mortgage and Leasing Directorate, provided a presentation on financial leasing statistics. Nisreen Jarar, the Head of the Licensing Department in the Directorate of Mortgage and Leasing, discussed the concept of financial leasing. Finally, Mohammad Bawatneh, the Head of the Inspection and Financial Analysis Department in the Mortgage and Leasing Directorate, presented the economic importance of financial leasing.

The program also included the presentation of local and Arabic media models related to the financial leasing sector and practical applications for preparing journalistic reports. This was delivered by the economic journalist Ayham Abu Ghosh and the economic journalist Mohammad Al-Rajoub.

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