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The activities of the “Financial Press Lab” in its sixth edition kicked off on Thursday, organized by the Capital Market Authority and funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Barraq Al-Nabulsi, the General Director of the Capital Market Authority, welcomed the participants, emphasizing the importance of financial awareness for citizens and the continued organization of practical and training workshops on financial journalism for journalists and others. This aims to contribute to raising their awareness and enhancing their ability to interpret financial data.

He also emphasized the importance of engaging with relevant sectors to hold such workshops, which contributes to raising citizens’ awareness and improving their ability to interact with non-banking financial sectors.

The workshop is attended by 17 students, including graduates, from various academic disciplines. They aim to benefit from economic information and advanced financial readings during the workshop.

Among the participating specialties in the workshop are journalism, public relations, law, economics, and business administration.

Today, the workshop highlighted the key financial indicators of the insurance sector, in addition to the basics of economic journalism and how to interpret financial statements of companies listed on the Palestine Exchange.

It is worth noting that the workshop is held over two days in the city of Jericho.

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