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The Capital Market Authority organized a technical session titled “Ask Me Anything” as part of the activities of the regional insurance technology competition recently launched by the PCMA. The session aimed to address any questions or inquiries from participants in the competition to facilitate their application process, as it is an important stage in the regional insurance technology competition.

The session involved representatives from the PCMA, the Palestinian insurance sector, and the two companies hosting the winners in the Proof of Concept stage, which the winners will participate in after the competition ends. The session was conducted by Fintech Galaxy, a company based in the United Arab Emirates, which the PCMA contracted to organize the competition. During the session, all questions from participants were answered, and attendees were encouraged to utilize the information provided by the speakers to enhance their competition applications.

It is worth noting that the competition is still open for applicants in its two tracks, and the application deadline is upcoming on November 20th. The winners will be announced at the end of the current year. For more information about the competition and the application process, please click on the following link:

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