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The Capital Market Authority has granted, on Monday, a no-objection letter to provide a vehicle pricing service through the Pal Blue Book website. This service allows the pricing of used vehicles in Palestine using artificial intelligence, taking into account the vehicle’s condition, age, market supply and demand, and provides indicative prices that insurance companies and leasing companies can use for their operations if they wish to do so.

Mr. Barraq Al-Nablusi, the General Director of the PCMA, emphasized that granting the no-objection letter for a Palestinian vehicle pricing service through the Pal Blue Book website is part of the PCMA’s efforts to promote financial technology in non-banking financial sectors, as part of its five-year strategy for 2021-2025.The PCMA, through its “Ebtaker” platform, provides an enabling environment, guidance, and regulatory oversight for innovators in the field of financial technology in the non-banking financial sector.

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