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The Palestine Capital Market Authority concluded its Financial Press Lab Workshop in Jericho with the participation of 30 students majoring in journalism and economics from Palestinian universities.

The workshop focused on non-banking financial sectors and provided financial journalism skills over the course of two days. The workshop’s opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Shaker Khalil, the Economic Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister, Barraq Al-Nablusi, the General Director of the PCMA, and Mohammad Musleh, the Director of the Economic Development Program at the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Al-Nablusi emphasized the PCMA’s commitment to conducting financial awareness programs and enhancing the awareness of citizens about their rights and responsibilities in the non-banking financial sectors. This contributes to better improving the response of non-banking financial sectors to the needs of citizens and expanding financial services to achieve financial inclusion in line with the PCMA’s five-year strategic plan.

In the same vein, Mohammad Musleh highlighted the importance of financial awareness programs as a key component of the Italian Agency’s vision in partnership with various components of the Palestinian financial sector, both regulatory and private.

Dr. Khalil discussed the economic situation in Palestine and the efforts made by the government and various components of the Palestinian economy to overcome the challenges facing the Palestinian people, particularly young people. He emphasized the Palestinian government’s commitment to empowering youth and university graduates to access the job market.

The workshop included seven training sessions covering the basics of financial journalism presented by journalist Mohammed Khbeisa, as well as a workshop on media and entrepreneurship led by Sa’ed Karazon. Additionally, a training workshop on social media was conducted by journalist Mahmoud Hreibat.

The workshop also included training sessions that provided a general introduction to the non-banking financial sector in Palestine, presented by Ayman Al-Sabbah, Director of the Insurance Directorate at the PCMA. There was also an informative session on the financial leasing sector provided by the Director of the Mortgage and Leasing Directorate at the PCMA. Furthermore, a session on the securities sector was delivered by Murad Jadbah, the Director of the Securities Directorate at the PCMA, and another session on financial technology (FinTech) and financial inclusion was conducted by Dr. Bashar Abu Zarour, the Director of Digital Financial Services and Innovation at the PCMA.

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