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The Capital Market Authority Issues Regulatory Instructions for the Securities Sector.

Following the establishment of the requisite legal framework by virtue of the Companies Law No. (42) of 2021 concerning companies, the Board of Directors of the Capital Market Authority has issued Instructions No. (2) of 2023 pertaining to the Buyback and Disposition of Company Shares, and Instructions No. (3) of 2023 pertaining to the Conversion […]

The Capital Market Authority and Al-Quds Open University have Agreed to Implement Interventions in Financial Awareness and Education.

The Capital Market Authority and Al-Quds Open University have agreed to jointly implement interventions in the areas of financial awareness and education. The agreement was reached during a meeting held at the PCMA’s headquarters to discuss the general framework and areas of cooperation outlined in the memorandum of understanding being worked on by both parties. […]

The Capital Market Authority Holds the Financial Press Lab in its Sixth Edition.

The activities of the “Financial Press Lab” in its sixth edition kicked off on Thursday, organized by the Capital Market Authority and funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. Barraq Al-Nabulsi, the General Director of the Capital Market Authority, welcomed the participants, emphasizing the importance of financial awareness for citizens and the continued organization […]

The Capital Market Authority Grants a No-Objection Letter to Provide a Vehicle Pricing Service.

The Capital Market Authority has granted, on Monday, a no-objection letter to provide a vehicle pricing service through the Pal Blue Book website. This service allows the pricing of used vehicles in Palestine using artificial intelligence, taking into account the vehicle’s condition, age, market supply and demand, and provides indicative prices that insurance companies and […]

Under the Title “Financial Press Lab,” the Capital Market Authority Holds a Training Workshop with the Participation of 30 University Students.

The Palestine Capital Market Authority held a training workshop in the city of Nablus on Wednesday and Thursday, titled “Financial Press Lab.” This was the fifth edition of the workshop and included the participation of 30 students from various Palestinian universities, representing faculties of media, public relations, and economics. The workshop was funded by the […]

The Capital Market Authority and the Palestine Monetary Authority Announce the Results of the Financial Inclusion Reassessment in Palestine.

The Capital Market Authority and the Palestine Monetary Authority announced today the results of the financial inclusion reassessment in Palestine during a ceremony held in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate. The event was attended by Dr. Feras Milhem, the Governor of the Palestine Monetary Authority, Dr. Nabil Kassis, the Chairman of the Board of Directors […]