About PCMA

The Palestine Capital Market Authority was established as an autonomous agency by law no. (13) Of the year (2004).

The PCMA aims to create the appropriate environment to achieve stability and growth in the capital market and protect the rights of consumers, by regulating, developing, and supervising the activities of the non-banking financial sectors subject to the supervision of the PCMA represented in the sectors of insurance, securities, financial leasing and financial mortgage. In its five-year strategic plan (2021-2025), the PCMA seeks to promote financial technology through a set of projects that focus on providing the necessary operational and regulatory environment to encourage financial innovations, and to develop and operate the Regulatory Sandbox.

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The insurance sector is one of the most important economic sectors along with the banking sector and the judicial sector for achieving the economic stability as it works on managing the national economy risks, by protecting the national savings and the lives and property of individuals and institutions, and actively contributes to economic development.

Financial Leasing

Financial leasing is one of the most important medium-term financing methods, and it is defined as asset-based financing, i.e. used to finance movable and immovable assets, through the financial leasing companies purchasing the assets chosen by the lessee from suppliers, and then granting the authority to use, possess and benefit from these assets...

Mortgage Financing

Mortgage financing is obtaining financing in exchange for mortgaging the property so that the beneficiary can buy and own the property. The origin of this activity dates back hundreds of years, and the issue of mortgage in Palestine is governed by a law from the Jordanian era, which is the Law No. 46 of 1953 on placing immovable funds as security for debt.


The concept of public shareholding companies in Palestine and investing in them arose at the beginning of the last century, especially since Palestine’s geographical location was at the time a major commercial center in the region. However, the culture of dealing in financial markets in its modern sense began in 1995 with the establishment of the Palestine Stock Exchange under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Finance.

Digital Financial Technology Services & Innovation

The rapid technological changes provided many opportunities to improve services in various sectors in general and the financial sector in particular, which led the Palestinian Capital Market Authority during the year 2019 to draw up its policy on financial technology and intervention mechanisms to enhance this field in the sectors it supervises, and this was reflected in its five-year strategy For the years 2021-2025....


The latest publications issued by the PCMA  that provide those interested with an opportunity to view the performance of the non-banking financial sectors

Financial Sustainability Services

The PCMA’s efforts in achieving financial inclusion and employing governance and financial technology in the non-banking financial sector

Financial Inclusion in Palestine

For the purposes of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion in Palestine, financial inclusion has been defined as: “Enhancing the access and use of all segments of society for financial services and products from official channels, which are commensurate with their needs at reasonable cost and time ...


Corporate governance in Palestine means “the set of rules and procedures by which the company is managed and controlled, by regulating the relationships between the board of directors, the executive management, shareholders, and other stakeholders, as well as the company’s social and environmental responsibility.


Innovative financial technology has become one of the most promising industries in the world, due to its ability to employ modern technological mechanisms and techniques and benefit from them in expanding the provision of financial services and products. Innovative, which greatly helps in increasing the efficiency ...

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