About Us

The Palestine Capital Market Authority was established in accordance with Article (2) of the Capital Market Authority Law No. 13 of 2004. It is therefore an authority that enjoys a juridical capacity, financial and administrative independence and legal competence to undertake all actions and activities ensuring achievement of purposes thereof, including acquisition of movable and immovable property necessary for the conduct of its business and the exercise of its activities in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Within few months of its establishment, the Authority has achieved tangible accomplishments in the sectors under its supervision, as it has been managing, overseeing and licensing all operations related to the securities sector, including public or secondary subscription, stock listing, capital appreciation or otherwise. The Authority has also achieved significant progress in the administration and reform of the insurance sector which has suffered considerably in the past few years. The Authority is currently working on the completion of the legal and administrative environment regulating the sectors of mortgages, finance lease and non-banking financial activity.     ​