Historical Overview


Brief History

Established on the basis of Article No. (2) of the Capital Market Authority No. (13) for the year 2004, the Palestine Capital Market Authority is a body corporate enjoying financial and administrative autonomy as well as the legal capacity to undertake all businesses and actions that ensure the fulfillment of its objectives including the acquisition of movable and immovable property necessary for the conduct of its work and the exercise and disposal of its activities in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

The Palestine Capital Market Authority, within a few years since its establishment, has been able to make concrete achievements in the sectors it oversees, thus, supervising, monitoring and giving authorization to all operations relating to the Securities sector, such as initial or secondary public offering, insertion, capital increase, etc. The Authority has also achieved remarkable progress in the management and reform of the insurance sector which suffered a lot during the past years. At present, the Authority is working on the completion of the legal and administrative environment that regulates mortgage, financial leasing and non-banking financial activity sectors. It has also done ​​remarkable efforts in communicating and coordinating its missions, programs and future steps with all concerned parties, both at home and abroad, taking advantage of the experiences of successful nations in these areas. Moreover, it coordinates and cooperates with all related parties such as the Palestine Securities Exchange, the Palestinian Monetary Authority, the Companies` Controller and the Insurance Companies` Federation in a way that serves its objectives.