Authority Mission and Goals

An effective regulatory authority that aims at developing a sound capital market and protecting the interests of stakeholders.
Regulating, supervising, and overseeing the securities, insurance, financial leasing and mortgage finance sectors in Palestine as well as ensuring that their work complies with the principles of transparency, fairness and integrity, in line with international best practices.
Strategic Goals (2016-2020)
  • Strenghtening Insurance sector through restructuring and organizing its status in a manner that contributes to the sector's stabilization and growth.

  • Stimulating and deepening the securities sector and raise society awareness regarding the importance of investment in securities sector.

  • Create the enabling environment for the work and growth of the mortgage finance sector. 

  • Develop services provided by financial leasing sector and raise its contribution to the economy.

  • Prepare internal organizing developments that contributes to achieving PCMA goals.