Economic Monitors

Palestine Capital Market Authority participates in the creation of the Economic Monitor, which is published periodically by Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) in cooperation with Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA), and Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS). The Monitor provides quarterly statistics and analysis of the economic development in the Palestine economy, where PCMA develops a section that addresses the non-banking financial sector.

monitor_57_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 57
monitor_56_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 56
monitor_ 55_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 55
monitor_ 54_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 54
monitor_53_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 53
monitor_52_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 52
monitor_51_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 51
monitor_50_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 50
monitor_49_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 49
monitor_48_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 48
monitor_47_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 47
monitor_ 46_eng.pdfEconomic Monitor - Issue 46